The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Gloves

May 27, 2021

tactical gloves

Your hands are the tool of tools. Why? They do everything for you. They’re capable of a wide variety of functions like touching, grasping, feeling, and holding.

Your hands are pretty helpful and are an essential part of your day-to-day life, from common chores to outdoor activities and emergency situations. That said, it’s only natural that you keep them protected while you do all that work. And what might be the best gear for the job? A pair of tactical gloves.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of tactical gloves, their benefits and features, and what they’re used for.

What Are Tactical Gloves?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of tactical gloves, let’s define what they are first.

Just hearing the name tactical gloves, you might assume these gloves are only helpful for law enforcers, military personnel, and combat specialists.

However, we’re here to tell you that they do more than protect from physical threats. They’re also survival equipment for anyone who wants to shield their hands from cuts and the biting cold when outdoors.

Tactical gloves basically act as extensions to your hands. They’re designed to offer complete protection, high-level dexterity, and improved functionality. In short, these gloves are essential gear for any modern man looking to take on their daily tasks with the safety of their hands in mind.

Types of Tactical Gloves

You can use tactical gloves for many different things, but we all know everyone has different needs. With that said, it all boils down to choosing the right pair and what type of gloves make your job a little more manageable.

To find the best gloves suited to your situation and personal needs, you have to familiarize yourself with the different tactical gloves there are. Let’s take a look at each one of them below:

All Terrain

If you’re looking for gloves that are suitable for any environment, you’ll find your match in all-terrain gloves. This means that these gloves can survive harsh weather, challenging conditions, and can literally take a beating. In fact, this type of glove is designed to be resistant to many things.

Water, dirt, oil, other contaminants? Chances are, these gloves are immune to them. What’s also great about this design is that it has added features like fingerprint technology and padded knuckles.

All-terrain gloves are basically built to be cut and impact-proof. Their durability and functionality make them the go-to gloves for both tactical professionals and average joes.

Sniper’s Gauntlet

Compared to the more versatile all-terrain gloves, snipers’ gauntlets serve a more specific purpose—they’re designed precisely for sniper shooters.

That said, these gloves offer more dexterity than your typical all-terrain or shooting gloves. The downside is they’re made thinner and provide less protection from cuts and strikes. But for this type of gloves, the grip and the ability to move your hands with ease is more important than strength and resistance.


Another type of specialty gloves commonly used by law enforcers is needlestick gloves.

As its name suggests, needlestick gloves are made to resist needle punctures that penetrate the gloves and skin. They’re handy for police officers in urban areas doing drug raids where there’s a high risk of encountering hypodermic needles.

This type of tactical gloves might have the same features as all-terrain gloves, but its sole purpose is to protect the wearer from needle punctures and prevent the needle from pricking your skin. 

Benefits of Tactical Gloves

If you’re still hesitant about getting yourself a pair of gloves, we’re here to help make that decision easier. We’ve already covered what tactical gloves are and the different types there are, so now let’s talk about their benefits.

They Provide Protection

As if it’s not obvious enough, tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands from all kinds of hazards, whether you’re out in the field or exploring the great outdoors. Cuts, scratches, and punctures are very common when doing dirty work because you’re exposed to possible danger and can easily get injured.

Tactical gloves prevent that from happening.

They Come in Handy in Recreational Activities

If you’re the outdoorsy type or into extreme sports, you’ll find tactical gloves very convenient. For example, when hiking or mountain climbing, you’re gonna need something that can lower the impact on your hands at the same time, keep them warm and enhance your grip.

They Serve as a First Line of Defense

In tactical situations, you want to make sure you have the best survival equipment.

To prepare for the worst possible scenarios, you have to arm yourself to defend yourself. Since you’ll be using survival tools, you need to keep your hands protected with gloves. Gloves allow for a wide range of motion and a tighter grip on your gear to improve performance. 


Significant Features of Tactical Gloves

features of tactical gloves

There’s a ton oftactical gloves in the market today, which means not all of them are the same. Some offer an extra layer of protection, while others are tailor-made for combat. But there are standard features oftactical gloves that prove helpful for everyone. Here are several of them that you should watch out for:

Made from Durable Materials

When it comes to the materials used intactical gloves, you have to choose the ones that can provide complete hand protection, offer optimum comfort, and deliver a level of tactility. There are all sorts of suitable materials out there, but here are some of the best options to watch out for:


When talking about durability, leather is the material of choice. It’s made from cattle hides or sheepskin, making it soft and comfortable to wear. And not only is leather durable, but it’s also flexible and water-resistant.

Aramid Fiber

We're talking about Kevlar®. If you want to go hardcore, gloves with Kevlar® lining hit the sweet spot perfectly. We all know this material is used in things like bulletproof vests and body armor. So, Kevlar®-lined gloves are extremely strong, lightweight, and resistant to heat and cuts.


Want to keep your hands dry? Neoprene is a fabric with good wicking properties, which makes it an excellent option fortactical gloves. It even acts as an excellent thermal insulator. Plus, the material is extra stretchy, so your fingers won’t feel constricted.


Polyester may not be water-resistant, but it does a great job at absorbing moisture such as sweat. It’s a breathable material that’s also soft on the skin, and it’s pretty durable, too.

Hard Knuckles

For the ultimate protection, go fortactical gloves with padded or armored knuckles. They’re mainly made for hand-to-hand combat, but these hard knuckles will also protect and prevent your hands from abrasions and impact damage.

Adjustable Wrists

What’s the use oftactical gloves if they don’t fit well? The better the fit, the more natural it’ll feel for your hands when handling other gear.

One feature that can help you get a more personalized fit is adjustable wrist straps. They keep the gloves in place with a hook and loop velcro and allow you to adjust the fitting easily and slide your hands in and out of the gloves with ease.

Palm Padding

You want to get a good grip when wearing yourtactical gloves, and to achieve this, you’ll need extra padding on the palms. The last thing you want is for your weapon to slip out of your hands in emergencies. This is why the palm padding in gloves is often made with rubber to assist with an increased grip while handling weapons. 


Hot and sweaty gloves aren’t just nasty, but they’re also uncomfortable to wear and can irritate your hands and fingers. When choosing gloves, make sure they’re made of breathable material like polyester or nylon. These materials absorb moisture very well, are thoroughly ventilated, and reduce sweating. 

Touchscreen Compatibility

Smartphones and tablets rule our everyday lives, which is why a pair of gloves that are sensitive to touchscreen devices is a must. You want to skip the hassle of removing your gloves just to fiddle with your phone and then putting them back on while you do some work; just imagine the valuable time wasted if you do. 

What Are Tactical Gloves Used For?

As previously mentioned, the uses oftactical gloves go beyond fighting wars and catching criminals. These gloves also have a range of applications where they can be used effectively for their heavy-duty properties. These are some of the leisure activities:


Sincetactical gloves are designed for military use, they also make excellent gear for playing paintball. They provide maximum protection by absorbing paintball hits and offer improved grip and dexterity for easy shooting.


Like paintball but a more competitive sport, airsoft is a recreational activity where you need tactical gloves that provide a good level of protection for your hands while still allowing fine motor skills. The solid pellets could hit your hand, and without a glove, it’s gonna sting.

Motorcycle Riding

The high cut and impact resistance oftactical gloves make them suitable for riding motorcycles. Since motorcycle riders are more prone to accidents, it’s essential to wear protective gear like gloves to safeguard your hands from possible injuries.

Tactical gloves also assist riders for better grip and handling of a motorcycle since sweaty hands make it hard to control a motorcycle’s throttle.

Winter Activities

Your regular gloves won’t cut it when it’s winter. Sure, they shield your hands from the biting cold, buttactical gloves can do better at keeping your hands warm, especially when you’re clearing snow or ice on the driveway or garden. Withtactical gloves, the cold is more bearable because of the added insulation. 

So...Where to Get the Best Tactical Gloves?

By now, you’re probably questioning where you can get your hands on a pair oftactical gloves. If you’re looking for one that provides the best dexterity, grip, and comfort combined, we’ve got your back.

TAC9ER is an outdoor and survival brand that offers premium, high-performance survival equipment. Our tactical gloves are equipped with Kevlar lining for unmatched hand safety, making them resistant to cuts and indirect hot temperature.

The hard shell knuckles also provide extra protection in combat or when you need something tough that can shield your hands in strenuous activities.

The gloves also have a comfortable fit with their adjustable palm and wrist straps, along with their breathable cuff that keeps them warm and snug.

Plus, with their reinforced palm grip, you’ll have a full range of motion. You won’t even have to take the gloves off if you need to use your smartphone or tablet because they’re also touchscreen compatible.

With TAC9ER’s tactical gloves, you’ll be equipped to conquer!

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